1. Encounter


    single channel HD video, sound, 2 installations, 4 surveillance cameras


  2. - - -

    14 June 1954. 29th day of the inmates’ uprising. Four swans land in the courtyard of the concentration camp in the middle of the Kazakh steppe. The inmates manage to catch one of the birds and release it into freedom together with a note addressed to the outside world.

    On windy nights, kites are launched from the camp territory into the sky: messengers, made from cigarette paper. A special mechanism up to the kite’s head carries the pack full of notes prepared by the inmates, which the wind scatters on the steppe outside the heavily guarded territory. The watchers have keen eyes and pick up the scattered notes. Information leaks are prohibited. Later, another kite, this time controlled by the watchers also takes flight - an interceptor. The aim of the camp watchers is to get both kites tangled up in one another and to drag them down to earth.

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  3. Shows:

    group exhibition (Re)construction of Friendship, May 01th – October 19th, 2014 at former building of KGB, Riga, LV


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    Photo: Jānis Nīgals, Kristaps Epners

Kristaps Epners ©

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